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Welcome to this Family web site.
It is now over five years since my mum gave me a piece of paper with the names of some unknown relatives. This information has taken me on a journey of discovery about who I am and my connection to people long gone from this wee place.
I was soon joined by my daughter Jill, who became hooked on our family history. Later aunts and cousins became interested and involved in this journey. More recently I have had hits to this site that have brought me into contact with family I knew nothing about other than a name on my genealogy tree.  
A warning to all, this journey can be very addictive, enjoy.   
David N A Hughes  
This site contains information on my family and while primarily focused on the Hughes genealogy it is a record of a much wider group of families.
Waterworth, Rutherford, Burden, Milliken, Gilpin, Smeeth, Cairns, Adrain, Thomas, Stone.

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Last update July 2010.
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